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Village Chimney Sweep Services offers a professional chimney sweeping service – including:

  • Chimney Sweep – Open Fires And Log Burners
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Removal Of Bird Nests From Chimney
  • Unblocking Of Chimney
  • Cleaning Of Stoves
  • Installation Of Pots, Bird Cowls and Chimney Repointing Can Be Arranged

Having your chimney swept on a regular basis will help eliminate the build-up of soot from coal, wood, oil or gas-fired appliances.

In turn, this will help prevent chimney fires and reduce the risk of dangerous fume emissions.

Village Chimney Sweep Services say keep your chimney clean


Why Use a professional Chimney Sweep?

A professional chimney sweep will do the job thoroughly using the correct equipment to remove soot/creosote from the chimney or flue. Chimneys come in different sizes – a professional sweep will have a wide variety of brushes to suit all sizes of chimney.

Chimney sweeping must not be attempted by just anyone, you must use a professional sweep that is qualified to do the job as soot is carcinogenic.

NACS Chimney Sweeps issue a Certificate Of Completion for every chimney swept which is accepted by insurance companies.

Why Does my Chimney need to be swept?

Over time a chimney will develop a build up of soot/creosote and it is therefore imperative that your chimney is cleaned to help the airflow through your chimney, ensuring the release of any toxic gases and to ensure that there are no blockages for example, mortar, brickwork, birds’ nests.

For this reason, sweeping a chimney/flue with brushes and rods is the only method of cleaning recommended to remove such materials other than soot. Cleaning a chimney/flue just with chemical chimney cleaners or a vacuum cannot be recommended as an alternative for correct chimney sweeping.

How Often Should I have my chimney swept?

• Once a year for appliances burning smokeless fuels

• Twice a year for appliances burning domestic bituminous household coal

• Quarterly, when in use, for appliances burning Wood

What type of fuel can I burn in my appliance?

This is dependent upon the type of appliance you have.

Log Burners – only wood should be burnt in a log burner as this is what they are designed for. A lot of people think that you can burn wood and coal in these – you cannot.

Multi-Fuel Burners – use only smokeless fuel and dry/well seasoned wood. Irrespective of whether you are located in a smoke free zone or not – do not burn bituminous coal – this will warp or crack your burner due to the high heat that it creates; it has even been known to melt a flexi flue liner should there be one fitted.

Never burn household waste, plastics or chemicals in any appliance, as these can produce harmful fumes and corrosive vapours; these vapours can be dangerous to health.

What type of wood can I burn?

First and foremost – it is dangerous to burn wet wood in any appliance. This will develop a build up of creosote/soot deposits on your chimney wall or flue liner, that could catch fire. If you have a flexi flue liner fitted, this can also cause corrosion of the metal parts of both the chimney and the appliance.

Wood should be dry and well seasoned before use and if sourcing your own wood this should be stored, until appropriately dry, in a suitable log store.

Alternatively you can purchase kiln dried or seasoned wood from a reputable supplier.

We pride ourselves on providing a 'clean sweep'

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